Tips on buying a new car

After buying our house, a new car is the most significant spend of our lives.
Australians are spoilt for choice in the new car market. But do your homework first.

It is important to understand that the emotion is mostly on the side of the buyer.

Emotions are important; you should, after all, enjoy your car. Emotions, however, should not override practicalities — otherwise your car will end up complicating your life when it should be improving it.

Take some time to talk to people you trust and learn as much as you can.

The internet is an excellent research tool and can arm you with everything from prices and specifications to independent reviews. If you go in prepared you are in a much better position to start wheeling and dealing.

Searching online will leave you better equipped when you walk into the showroom.

Set your budget first. Never exceed the amount you can afford.

For most people, the key to choosing the right car is prioritising the essentials – working out what you need from your new car, rather than simply what you want. Reliability, fuel economy and safety features will become more important than aesthetic considerations in the long run, and the more you know about the options available and how they can make your life easier, the happier with your choice you will be.
Consider more than budget when looking for the right car. Think about:

  • Different brands. Once you decide what type of car you want, look at different brands that have similar cars. Therefore, you should test drive each car and find out exactly which car you prefer.
  • Finance. Try to reduce the finance rate to as low as possible to benefit you more.
  • Fuel consumption versus performance. High-performance cars usually consume more fuel.
  • Running costs.-High-tech and some luxury imported models can be expensive to service, repair and insure. Check the prices of the most common spare parts ( oil and air filters) and insurance premiums.
  • The number of passengers you will normally carry.
  • If you need power to tow a trailer or boat or space for work materials (tools, samples) or sports gear (golf clubs, skis).
  • If you need room for sleeping, most passenger-vans and wagons can be converted to provide a bed.
  • Safety and security requirements.RESEARCH – TEST DRIVE – RING AUTO1 – BUY – ENJOY